What to Include in a Data Room for Investors



Investors are occupied when they look over your company’s financials. Inputting all the information all in one place can speed up the due diligence process and make it more efficient. The method you organize and source the documents can have a huge impact on their accessibility. Every authorized or invested party wants to spend time sorting through irrelevant documents.

What should you include in an investor data room?

There are a variety of things you can do to make your investment data room stand out and increase the likelihood of getting funded. You want to make sure you provide the most relevant information, but not overwhelm or overshare.

While it is normal to include an informational slide in your data room it may not be a good location to display the most important information about your product, such as product roadmaps and product-market fit. You can instead include an additional slide that illustrates your roadmap over a specified time frame and provides the most pertinent details for each step.

You can also include an area on your data room to include an individual biography of your team that contains more than just your founders. This can provide a more comprehensive overview of your team’s strengths, value and tenacity in addition to highlighting the amount each member owns. You can use this section to provide better resumes for your team members. You can also include a reference section for customers to show how much you care for your customers.