Latin America Due Diligence Risk Factors


Due diligence is one of the most critical components of a comprehensive compliance strategy, shielding organizations from the devastating consequences of financial crimes. However, it’s not without risk, particularly in areas like Latin America, where unique circumstances require specialized strategies.

To reduce these risks to reduce the risk, you should keep track of any change in factors that could impact the due diligence process of an organisation. These can include changes in local regulations, economic trends, or geopolitical events. These factors will aid you in ensuring that your due-diligence procedures are up-to-date.

If, for instance, you identify an individual as PEP (politically exposed person) It could be necessary to carry out additional due diligence. This typically involves reviewing additional documents and verifying methods to establish the source of their wealth and money. It also involves identifying the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) as well as analysing their transactions patterns to identify money laundering and illicit activities.

Depending on the risk, you might be able to conduct thorough checks of their current business operations, including the nature and nature of any third-party relationship. You might also want to look over contractual commitments to determine if they are the risk of non-compliance. You may also want to consider hiring a third-party due diligence expert to assist you in your own review process. These services usually provide access to more comprehensive databases and can assist in conducting an accurate risk assessment.