Virtual Data Rooms Security


VDR security is an important factor for many businesses looking to implement a repository online for their documents. The most secure virtual data rooms come with an array of features that are designed to safeguard sensitive data against breaches and compliance violations. These include advanced encryption during transit and in rest, customizable user permissions and a discrete log of all document activities and thorough audit trail. Some providers also offer document-specific tools, like blind watermarking and viewing to protect against printing without permission.

VDRs are most commonly used to aid in M&A transactions, but they can be beneficial for any business that needs to share sensitive information with external third parties. When third parties, like external auditors or legal counsel, need to review sensitive documents, companies require an easy platform to use.

Real estate companies and financial services have to share a lot of documentation with potential investors, financiers and other stakeholders. This includes blueprints, financial documents and property information. Traditional file sharing tools like email or simple cloud storage are not designed to handle this volume of highly sensitive information. They don’t provide the required permission settings and auditing capabilities, nor secure collaboration features.

In this scenario, the virtual data room is a tool that will fulfill all these needs. It also provides 24/7 access to authorized users. A VDR ensures that sensitive data is treated according to the ever-changing laws. This allows you to ensure that your company is always compliant.

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