What Is a Virtual Data Review?


A virtual data review permits you to review and access an entire set of files without having to physically collect them. This is useful in many scenarios, including the need for service providers to look over a company’s documents and records documents when potential investors require access, when a business is going through an M&A transaction or any other situation that an external party needs to review the company’s documents.

Modern VDRs are usually designed to speed up the process by incorporating features that allow users to review files online and providing advanced security measures. This includes document watermarking, granular authorizations and real-time collaboration features. Modern VDRs provide excellent customer service, allowing users to get their questions quickly answered by experts.

No matter if you’re looking to purchase an advanced VDR or a traditional option It’s important to take into consideration the current and future document-sharing needs when choosing the right vendor. It is also important to pay attention to pricing plans, allowances for data usage and security standards. Those factors should be clearly available on the site of the provider.

Google Drive is a basic VDR which lacks the most advanced features. It also does not have the latest security measures. IntraLinks is, on the other hand is an VDR that comes with a comprehensive feature set and a simple interface. They have a top Capterra score and many security features like discrete data room access and document watermarking. They also provide 24/7 customer service via live chat telephone, email, and live chat.

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