Best Digital Tools For Remote Collaboration


Virtual Realm

The most effective digital collaboration tools are those that facilitate communication and document management. The productivity gains that result can alter the working experience for remote teams. With so many tools in the market it can be a challenge to choose which one is most beneficial for your team. The most effective online tools for remote collaboration are available in a variety of forms, from instant messaging apps such as Slack to virtual whiteboards. Certain tools are designed to meet a specific requirement, while others can work in combination with other remote working tools.

For instance, Slack, which is described as “your digital HQ” by users, is an integrated platform for business communication. The direct message system is a favorite but it also integrates with other tools to manage projects and track tasks. It allows you to keep all of your conversations in one place. Managers can benefit from the software’s powerful reporting capabilities, which are excellent for monitoring team performance.

Video conferencing software is another option in this class. It lets teams meet in real time to discuss projects and ask questions. It can help reduce feelings of isolation and is an excellent tool for sharing presentations, webinars or onboarding guides for new employees. Another tool is Loom that is unique in that it allows you to create videos that can be viewed asynchronously. It’s a great tool to share updates from your team as well as video messages from your leadership or short training videos.